How to Use Today's Plan with AthleteOne

Today's Plan is a cloud based platoform that athletes and coaches use to plan and analyze workouts. Coaches can import and connect athletes in Today's Plan to AthleteOne. Importing an athlete copies the Athlete in Today's Plan and creates a new athlete in AthleteOne. Connecting an athlete allows AthleteOne to view the workouts of the Today's Plan Athlete in the Athlete Workouts tab in AthleteOne.

Set up Integration with Today's Plan

Before you can import athletes into AthleteOne or view athlete workouts you need to setup the Integration with Today's Plan. This step involves adding your Today's Plan email and password to the AthleteOne account settings. Follow the steps below to setup the Today's Plan integration.
  1. Navigate to the My Account page by clicking settings menu in the upper right corner
  2. Click the Integrations tab and select Today's Plan
  3. Enter your Today's Plan email and password
  4. Press Save then Test Connection

Import or Connect Athletes from Today's Plan

Once the Today's Plan Integration is complete you can import Today's Plan athletes or connect existing AthleteOne Athletes with Today's Plan Athletes. You can do this from the Contacts page "Import" button or from an individual Athlete page.

The Import or Connect Athletes from Today's Plan dialog allows you to import athletes from Today's Plan into AthleteOne. You can show or hide athletes that are already imported or filter by their Today's Plan Athlete name.   

Import new Athlete into AthleteOne
To import an athlete from Today's Plan, find the athlete you want to import in the Today's Plan Athlete column and select "Add Athlete" in the AthleteOne Athlete column.

Connect an existing AthleteOne Athlete with a Today's Plan Athlete
To make a connection between athletes in AthleteOne and Today's Plan, find the Today's Plan Athlete and select the  AthleteOne athlete from AthleteOne Athlete column. 

Create New Athlete In Today's Plan

You can create a new Today's Plan athlete from AthleteOne. This feature will automatically register a new Today's Plan user and set up access rights to allow you to view the new user's workouts in AthleteOne. See the Today's Plan documentation on their website for more details on delegating access to users and coaches.
  1. From the AthleteOne Athlete select their Workouts Tab
  2. Click the link Create new Today's Plan user in the dialog
  3. Confirm the details of the user and enter the password you want to give the new user
  4. Click Create to create the new user in Today's Plan

Viewing the Workouts calendar and summary

Use the Athlete's Workout calendar to view the workouts they have completed and details about the workout. Click on the workout to view the Workout Summary for details such as time, distance, heart rate, and power data.   

Note:  If you create an event and select Include a taper week in my plan the workouts created are not viewable in Today's Plan or AthleteOne.

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