How to Use Strava with AthleteOne

Strava is an activity platform that allows people to record their workouts and share them socially. Coaches can request that an athlete allow them access to view their Strava activities in AthleteOne. 

Request permission to access a Strava user's data

For a coach to view the Strava activities for one of their athletes, he/she must request access to that athlete's Strava account. Follow the steps below to request access to an athlete's Strava account.

  1. Navigate to the AthleteOne Athlete and select their Workouts tab.
  2. In the dialog box, click Request to view Strava Activities. This will send an email to the Athlete that includes a link to authorize their Strava connection with AthleteOne.
  3. The Athlete will click on the "Authorize Strava Access" link in the email and follow the steps to approve the authorization request.
  4. Once the request is approved, the coach will receive an email that the "Request to connect with Strava is approved".
  5. The coach can now view the athlete's Strava activities on that athelte's AthleteOne Workouts tab.

Viewing the Workout calendar and summary

Use the Athlete's Workouts calendar to get a view of the Strava activities they have completed and details about of the activity. Click on the activity to view the Workout Summary details such as time, distance, heart rate, and power data.

Revoke access to the coach and AthleteOne

Only the athlete can revoke Strava access to their coach in AthleteOne. Follow the setups below to revoke access.

  1. Strava user must log in to their Strava account
  2. Select Settings from the top right menu
  3. Select My Apps on the left 
  4. Find AthleteOne in the list of Apps
  5. Click the "Revoke Access" button

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