How to Set Up Automated Payments

Automated Payment in AthleteOne is a powerful feature that allows you to use your credit card or PayPal account to automatically pay for your recurring coaching fees.  By setting up automated payments you don't have to worry about paying your coach each invoice cycle, AthleteOne will take care of that for you so you and your coach can focus on your training. 


Approving automated payments is easy.  When you pay your invoice click the checkbox Approve Automated Payments.   When you approve automated payments the next invoice you receive for recurring charges will automatically be paid on the due date.  
You will receive an email confirming the approval of automated payments.

Automated Payments with PayPal

PayPal is a great service which allows you to pay for products and services around the internet without having to provide your payment details with each merchant.  However, there are some limitations with using Automated Payments when paying with PayPal.
  1. You must select the Approve Automated Payments on the AthleteOne Invoice Payment Page, and when paying in PayPal you will also have to authorize future payments from your coach.  This means there are two checkboxes to check.  One on the AthleteOne payment page and one in the PayPal popup window (see image below).
  2. PayPal has a maximum of $2000 USD that can be paid on the approval and can not extent beyond one year.  You'll receive an email when this limit has been reached.  You can extend the automated payments by manually paying another invoice with the Approve Automated Payments checked.

Cancel an Automated Payment

If no longer want to use the Automated Payment service you can cancel it.  
You can cancel automated payments by asking your coach and they can do it for you.  You can cancel it yourself by clicking the Cancel Automated Payment button.  
You will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

Change Automated Payment 
You may change the automated payment method on any unpaid invoice for a recurring charge.   To change the payment method or update the credit card details of an automated payment simply make a new payment with the new payment method.  Don't forget to click the Approve Automated Payments checkbox. 

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