Athlete Payment Overview

Welcome to AthleteOne! Your coach has chosen to use AthleteOne to help manage their coaching business. As part of helping them manage their business, AthleteOne facilitates the payment process to help your coach and you make the payments easier so you can focus on your training and your coach can focus on you.

With AthleteOne you can pay for your coaching fees and other charges from your coach manually each month or you can opt to setup automated payments.  With automated payments you can use your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account to pay automatically for recurring charges.  See below for more details

How to make payments

Once you receive an invoice from your coach you can follow the links to View and Pay it.   To pay the invoice click the Continue to Pay button.   You may have a choice to use Credit Cards and/or PayPal depending on what your coach has setup.    

Read more about how to make payments.

How to setup automated payments

If your coach as set up recurring invoices you will have the option to approve automated payments with your payment method. 

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