How to Make Payments

You can make payments for your coaching services using AthleteOne.  Payments are made on an invoice which is sent as an email from an AthleteOne user, (i.e. your coach) for you to pay for their services or product.   
Payment Methods

Credit or Debit Cards

You may use your credit or debit card to pay an invoice. AthleteOne does not save or read the card number.  The card details are sent directly to the payment processor and the processor returns a token that references the card.  AthleteOne can use the card token to pay for future payments so you don't have to provide the card number for every payment. 

Bank Account Debit

You may use your bank account to pay an invoice.  AthleteOne makes it easy to connect your bank by using our instant verification to securely connect your bank without having to make micropayments.  When using the instant verification AthleteOne does not see or collect your bank account details including your username and password to authenticate with your bank.  

1. Add Bank Account

2. Confirm to add the bank account with our Plaid integration.

3. Search for you Bank. Only US and Canada banks are supported currently

3. Authenticate directly with your Bank.  

4. Select the checking account to pay the invoice.


You may use PayPal to pay an invoice.   PayPal may be convenient if you don't want to supply your credit card details or pay directly from your bank account.  

NOTE: Paying with PayPal requires you to unblock popup windows in your browser.  If you don't want to unblock the popup you can pay with a credit or debit card.

Paid Invoices

Once an invoice is paid you will receive an email confirming the payment.  You can also download the invoice showing it was paid to keep for your records.

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