Invoicing Overview


AthleteOne lets you to automate your invoicing process and receive athlete payments from multiple payment processors. You can allow your athletes to pay with PayPal or a credit/debit card via our Stripe integration.  

Account Setup

Before you can accept payments from your athletes you must set up your AthleteOne account. You'll need to add your business address and logo so they display on invoices and complete the setup for payment processors (PayPal and/or Stripe). You're not required to setup a payment processor to just send invoices. You will, however, be required to setup a payment process if you want to automate how you receive payments. Set up Stripe and PayPal to let your Athletes choose the payment method that works best for them. Or just setup the payment method that works best for your business. 

Follow a few simple steps in the links below to complete your AthleteOne account setup.

Managing Invoices

AthleteOne lets you send regular Invoices or Recurring Invoices to your athletes. Regular invoices are typically created each time there is a specific, one-time need to invoice an athlete (ex., one-time service like VO2 Max Test or the sale of a product) and then sent manually by the coach. Recurring Invoices are created in order to automate the invoicing process for recurring services at a specific interval set by the coach. Click on the links below for more info about managing Invoices.

Read more about Managing Invoices and Creating Invoice Items.

Managing Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices are used to automate the creation and sending of invoices on a interval set by the coach. Recurring invoices also allow athletes to set up automated payments to pay for the recurring invoices without interaction. Clicks on the links below for additional information about Recurring Invoices.  

Read more about Managing Recurring Invoices and Creating Invoice Items.

Payments and Recording Income

Accurately tracking your payments is important in order to ensure you're getting paid correctly for your services and for monitoring income. AthleteOne makes it easy to track payments for all of your invoices. Correct bookkeeping requires that you capture all income on an invoice. Once an invoice is sent, the athlete can pay the invoice and the invoice status is changed to paid, thus closing the invoice. An invoice payment can also be made manually for athletes that send checks or use other means not supported by automatic recording of payments such as PayPal and Stripe.

Read more How to Record a Payment Manually

Dashboard and Reports

Understanding the health of your business is crucial for success. You need to know if you're making money or losing money. The Dashboard allows you to see a quick view of your income and expenses for a specific time period. There are also a number of reports you can view to give you insight into your business health. Many reports allow you to export the data to create your own graphs and charts. 

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