Organize Your Business Priorities

AthleteOne Keeps Your Business Organized

AthleteOne helps you get your coaching business organized and keep it organized, all in one application. Our intuitive features allow you to keep track of business priorities while still maintaining focus on athlete communication, feedback and progress. So stop using different tools and apps that actually add to the chaos and confusion. Organize all your best ideas in one safe, secure application that you can easily access from anywhere. Staying organized will help you to manage your business priorities more effectively and get more work done in less time.

Dashboard Priorities and Key Performance Indicators

There's a good reason why the Dashboard is the first thing you see in AthleteOne. We want you to start out each session with a quick, visual understanding of your priorities and the health of your business. By drawing your initial focus to things like critical Tasks, Income vs. Expenses, Overdue Invoices, and Lead Trends, you'll be able to organize your business priorities more effectively while keeping the "big picture" financial metrics in perspective.

Keep Track of Athlete and Business Tasks for Follow-Up

With our Tasks feature, you can easily enter new Tasks that are specific to your Account, to an Athlete or a Lead. You Account Tasks may include business priorities like, completing a certification, renewing your business insurance, updating your blog or website, or contacting a business partner. Athlete Tasks are associated with a specific Athlete and can be used to remember things like adding workouts, contacting your Athlete or setting Athlete goals. The Tasks for your Leads are also specific to each Lead so you can set follow-up items to convert them to clients. When creating or updating a Task you can also choose to send a notification so you receive an email reminder when the task is due. Once you’ve finished a Task just mark it complete and archive it so it no longer displays in your active list.

Use Notes to Maintain Better Business Intelligence

AthleteOne Notes is like a virtual notepad. You create notes for ideas specific to your Account and business, your Athletes, and Leads in one application that you can access later from anywhere. You can use Notes as a central location to store ideas for your next blog post, discount codes you got from partners or ones you only share with your athletes or coaching group. Create Notes for a specific Athlete on the Athlete profile page for things like field test results, workout schedules, race schedules, medical conditions and anything else you may want to refer back to when building their training plans or communicating with them. The Notes for Leads are also specific to each Lead.

Store and Secure your Files

AthleteOne provides a single location to safely and securely store and access all of the files you collect for you business. You can save money by using AthleteOne Files instead of paying for another service like Google Drive or Dropbox, and you’ll be able to access all of your files in the same app where your manage your business. Files you may want to store for your business include insurance policies, certificates, waiver templates, and goals workout templates. When an athlete signs up for your service, where do you put the completed waivers, interview forms, goal worksheet and pictures of podium shots? Now you can store them all with the specific athlete on the Athletes page in AthleteOne.

Record Appointments and Events on the Calendar

Keep track of all your business and athlete appointments and events with the AthleteOne Calendar. By integrating your calendar with all of the other tools you use to manage your business and athletes, you’ll be more organized and improve the efficiency of your workflow. Don’t forget about important meetings with your Athletes or other business partners. Just select how long before the Calendar Event you’d like to receive the automated email reminder and you’ll be prepared for your next meeting. You no longer need to spend time switching between windows or other apps. You can connect your AthleteOne Calendar to your favorite calendar client like Outlook, or your mobile device Calendar. If you have the Google Calendar, you can also connect it to AthleteOne.

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