Athlete Portal Overview

The Athlete Portal is an athlete self-service feature that allows the athletes manage their AthleteOne settings, view invoices, make payments and manage their automated payment settings.    By providing these features athletes and coaches save time by allowing the athlete to access and manage the information in AthleteOne without the help of the coach.


Athlete Account and Login

Each athlete already has an AthleteOne account.  The account was created by the coach when the athlete profile was setup.  The athlete can login to AthleteOne with the email they provided the coach, which is usually the same email use to send invoices to the athlete. The athletes first login to AthleteOne requires password reset.  Using the forgot password link on the login page and following the steps will allow the athlete to reset the password.

  1. Visit
  2. Click Forgot Password?
  3. Enter email address to reset. 
  4. Find the email from AthleteOne with the Reset Password link and follow the link.  If you don't get an email with a reset link you may be using the wrong email address.
  5. Enter new password
  6. Visit again and use your email and new password to login.

Manage Profile

Athletes can manage their profile settings such as name, email, timezone, preferred date form and change athletes password.
To manage the profile login to AthleteOne and click My Profile on the upper right corner.

View Invoices and Make Payments

Athletes can view and download past invoices, view current invoices, view refunds and invoices that have failed to generate a payment.  Invoices that are due can be paid as well.  To view the invoices, click on Invoices in the top menu.

Manage Automated Payments

If the athlete has a recurring invoice from their coach, the athlete can setup automated payments to automatically pay the invoice when it's due.   Here you can cancel your automated payment or if you setup the payment with a Credit Card you can update the card details for future payments.

If your automated payment is setup as PayPal and you want to use a Credit Card you will need to cancel your automated payment then create a new automated payment for on next invoice.

See How to Setup Automated Payments for more details. 

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