Managing Recurring Invoices

Create Recurring Invoices to automate the way you bill and collect money from your clients. You can set up and schedule Recurring Invoices to be sent to each of your clients at a frequency you define. Each Recurring Invoice can be customized to meet the needs of each of your individual clients and clients can set up the recurring charges to be paid automatically by approving automated payments. 

Automated Payments

With Recurring Invoices, athletes will have the choice to approve automated payments.  The approval will automatically pay the invoice due amount on the invoice date.  When an automated payment is created by an athlete, a confirmation email is sent to the athlete.
The invoice email is sent 7 days before the due date and the invoice is paid on the invoice date set on the invoice.   See more below about Managing Automated Payments

Create Recurring Invoices

  1. Navigate to New on the top menu bar of any page and click Recurring Invoice.
  2. On the New Recurring Invoice page, enter the Athlete's Name who you want to invoice in the Bill To field and select the Athlete from the drop-down list
  3. Select the Start Date using the drop-down calendar. (Note - The Start Date is the date the first invoice for the Recurring Invoice is sent to the Athlete and the date from which all other Recurring Invoices are calculated. (e.g., If you create a Recurring Invoice to send a Monthly invoice to an Athlete, the initial invoice will be sent on the Start Date, and the next invoice will be sent 1 month from the Start Date.)
  4. Select How Often you would like the Recurring Invoice to be sent from the drop-down list.
  5. Select Enabled from the drop-down list for the Profile Enabled field to activate this Recurring Invoicing. (Note - If the Athlete suspends or discontinues services in the future, you just need to Edit their Recurring Invoice and change the Profile Enabled field to Disabled to stop the recurring invoices from being sent. Their Recurring Invoice information will be stored for future use.)
  6. Select an Invoice Item from the drop-down menu or manually fill in the Invoice Item Name, Detail Description, Cost, Quantity and any Discount, Tax and Shipping/Handling for the service or product being invoiced. (e.g., Premium Coaching Plan, Weekly Consultation, 12-week Training Plan, water bottle, etc.). 
  7. You may also enter a note to the athlete in the Note field. (Example - you can include payment terms or a 'thank you' note.)
  8. Click the Save button at the top to save the Recurring Invoice.
  9. You can come back at any time to Edit and make changes to an existing Recurring Invoice, including changing the start date.
After saving or enabling the Recurring Invoice, AthleteOne will send an email to the athlete's email address. The email contains a link to the Invoice which will allow the athlete to view the invoice and make the payment.  

After the payment has been made, the invoice will be marked as 'Paid' and an email will be sent to the Coach and Athlete indicating payment.

Editing Recurring Invoices

You can modify existing Recurring Invoices to change items, start date or how often the invoice is sent.  The changes will take effect immediately, but the athlete will only see them after the new invoice is send, which is based on the start date value.  

Disabling Recurring Invoices

If you want stop sending invoices, you and edit the recurring invoice and change the status to disabled.  When you disable recurring invoices, new invoices will not be created or sent.  If there are automated payments approved for the recurring invoice those will continue to be paid until canceled or there are no more invoices to be paid.

Managing Automated Payments

Viewing Automated Payment Status

The coach can view the status of automated payments on the Recurring Invoice profile.  The automated payment field will have three values:  Not Approved, PayPal or Stripe.  When PayPal or Stripe is the payment method, you can view details of the payment method by clicking on the link.

Changing Payment Method of an Automated Payment

The athlete can change the payment method by approving a new automated payment and paying with a new payment method.  This is useful when an athlete wants to change the payment method from PayPal to a Credit Card or vice versa or their Credit Card has changed.

Cancel Automated Payments

If your athlete has approved automated payments you will have the option to cancel automated payments from the More menu.  When you cancel automated payments, they Athlete will get an email indicating the automated payments was canceled.   Once canceled, invoices must be manually paid until a new automated payment is approved.
Athletes can cancel the automated payment from a new invoice, before it's paid.  

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