Managing Invoices

Our AthleteOne Invoicing features will help you organize and automate the various invoicing needs of your business. You'll save time and simplify the invoicing process for your athletes with easy-to-use, automated features that support a paperless, cost-effective model for the small business owner. 

Creating Invoices
  1. Navigate to New on the top menu bar of any page and select Invoice.
  2. Go to the Bill To field and enter the name of the Athlete you want to invoice, then select the name from the drop-down list. (Note: The Athlete must exist in AthleteOne in order create an Invoice for that Athlete. Go to New and select Athlete to enter a new Athlete.)
  3. Leave the Invoice Date as the default date of today or change the date using the date picker. Entering today's date will send the invoice today, entering a date in the future will send on that date. 
  4. Fill in the invoice Item Name, Detail Description, Cost, Quantity and any Discount, Tax and Shipping & Handling for the service or item being sold.
  5. You may also enter a Note to the athlete in the invoice Notes field. (Example - you can include payment terms or a 'thank you' note.)
  6. You can now Save as Draft, Save and Send or Cancel out of the invoice by clicking on the appropriate button at the top left of the page.

Invoice Email to Athletes

After you create and send an invoice, your Athlete will receive an email that includes details about the invoice and two (2) buttons - a Pay Invoice button and a View and Pay Invoice button. Your Athlete can click the Pay Invoice button to login to PayPal and pay the invoice or click the View and Pay Invoice button to access the Athlete View of the Invoice in AthleteOne and make a payment.

Making Payments

The Athlete View of the invoice in AthleteOne has a Pay Invoice button. When your Athlete clicks the Pay Invoice button, he/she will be directed to PayPal to process the payment. After your Athlete has processed the payment, the invoice will be marked as "Paid" and an email will be sent to the Athlete's Coach and the Athlete indicating successful payment.

You may also record a payment for in invoice manually. See the article - How to Record a Payment.


You can process refunds directly from AthleteOne. On the invoice page, click on the More button and select Refund. Refunds take 5-7 days to end up on the customer statement. Only an Account Owner or Account Admin can issue refunds. Refunds can only be for the total amount of the invoice. Once a refund is issued, the Invoice status will be changed to refunded.

Deleting an Invoice

Invoices may be deleted from the main Invoices page or the specific Invoice page.
  1. On the main Invoices page, click the Menu icon () on the far right for the Invoice you want to delete and select Delete from the menu.
  2. On the main Invoices page, select the Invoice you want to delete by clicking on the Invoice number. Now click on the More button at the top left of the page and select Delete from the menu.

Note - an Invoice can not be deleted once payments have been made on it.

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