Creating and Using Tags for Athletes and Leads

Purpose of Tags
Tags can be created for your Athletes and Leads to help you categorize and group them by discipline, level of athlete, racing category, etc. Since you create the names for the Tags, you can use them to identify specific information about your Athletes and Leads that is important to you and your business.

All of the Tags that you create for Athletes and Leads will appear as highlighted links where Tags are displayed in AthleteOne. You can click on any Tag to display a listing of all Athletes and Leads with that specific Tag.

Create a Tag for a NEW Athlete or Lead

  1. Navigate to New on the top menu bar of any page and click Athlete or Lead.
  2. Once you're on the New Athlete or New Lead page, click in the Tags field to access a drop-down menu listing Tags you've already entered OR enter new Tags (separated by commas).
  3. Complete the remaining New Athlete or New Lead information and click the Save button.

Create a Tag for an EXISTING Athlete or Lead

  1. Navigate to Contacts on the top menu bar of any page and click Contacts or select Athletes or Leads.  
  2. Select an Athlete or Lead by clicking on the name of the Athlete or Lead.
  3. Once you've accessed the Athlete or Lead, click the Edit button at the top.
  4. Delete existing Tags or enter new Tags in the Tags field (separated by commas).
  5. Click Save button to save your changes.

Searching for Tags
You can search for Tags from any page in AthleteOne by entering a search name in the search box on the top menu bar and selecting the Tag from the drop-down list. All of the Athletes and Leads with that Tag will be displayed.

Examples of Tags
Type of Athlete:  Triathlete, Runner, Cyclist, Nutrition
Type of Service:  Basic, Premium, Monthly

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