Emailing Contacts

Coaches can send email to all or some of their Contacts directly from AthleteOne. So you no longer need to use your email client to send email to your athletes. Email from AthleteOne send an indivual email to each email address, even when sending to more that one Contact at a time.  

Set Email Preferences

Make sure you have your email signature setup in My Account > Email Preferences > Signature. The email address you use will be the reply-to address on all emails sent by AthleteOne.

Sending Email

  1. In the Athletes or Leads view of Contacts, click the checkbox at the top to select All or beside individual Athletes or Leads.
  2. Click the "Email" button at the top of the page to send the email.

Email Examples

  • Send email to all active Athletes with a common message about your availablity (ex., vacation), service changes, etc.
  • Email Leads about specials or discounted races
  • Email Athletes to remind them to upload their workouts
See also: My Account Setup

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