AthleteOne provides a number of different types of Notifications to keep you, your Athletes and Additional Users of your Account informed about important occurrences that require attention. Following is a description of the Notifications offered in AthleteOne and information about how to set them up.

Invoice Notifications

AthleteOne sends an email Notification for the following events that occur in the Invoice cycle.

Invoice Payment Made

  • The Account owner will receive an email Notification each time an Invoice is paid.
  • The email Notification will tell you the name of the Athlete, Invoice #, amount of payment, and provide a link for you to click so you can view the paid Invoice in AthleteOne.

Invoice Paid in Full

  • You can send your Athletes an email Notification to let them know an Invoice has been paid in full.
  • Just click the Notify Athlete of Payment checkbox to check it when you enter a New Payment for an Invoice.
  • Your Athlete will receive the email Notification thanking them for the payment. The Athlete can also click on a link to view the paid Invoice.

Past Due Invoices

You can set a Notification to be sent to your Athletes when an Invoice payment is past due. To enable or disable and configure this Notification, go to the My Account -> Email Preferences and select Notifications.

  • The past due Invoice Notification is sent based on the Invoice Date field.
  • Notification email is sent to Athletes for Invoices that have not been paid based on the # of days you entered in the Notification field.
  • The Notification email will resend to the Athlete a total of three times if the Invoice remains unpaid. The resend interval is based on the # of days entered in the Notification field. For example, if days is 5, then we'll send at 5, 10, 15 days after the Invoice Date. 
  • Past due Invoice are Invoices with a status of Viewed and Sent.
  • A Notification email is not sent for Invoices with a status of Paid or Unpaid.  

Task Notifications

You can receive a Notification that a Task is due. Click the Send Notification checkbox when creating or editing a Task to send an automatic email Notification reminding you that your Task is due.
  1. The Task Notification email is sent to the person who created the Task.
  2. The email is sent on the Due Date at midnight of the user's time who created the Task.

Calendar Event Reminders

Receive Calendar Event reminders before meetings or events that are due. Select how long before the Calendar Event you'd like to receive the email reminder on the Remind Me field when creating or editing a Calendar Event. 
  1. Set Remind Me field when creating a new event or editing and existing event.
  2. The reminder email is sent based on the event Start Time minus the Remind Me selection.
  3. The Remind Me field is not available when using the Google Calendar because it has its own reminders.
See also: Creating and Using Tasks

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