My Account Setup

Take a few minutes to set up your Account when you first begin to use AthleteOne to help ensure that you're leveraging our powerful personalization features.  From simple things like consistent contact information, Company Logo, and Email Signature, to automating the receipt of Payments, you will be able to take better control of your business and keep it running more smoothly. Personalizing your account for your company gives you a professional appearance to your customers and potential customers.

You can access the My Account settings from any page in AthleteOne.

  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner of any page and select My Account
  • The My Account page will open to display the first tab, Account Detail
  • You can also navigate to any of the other tabs on the My Account page

Account Detail

  • Settings - Enter the name of your Business (Company Name) so it displays on your Emails, Invoices and Notifications to your Athletes and Coaches. Click the Save button to save your changes.
  • Address - Select the Address Type from the drop-down menu (Office or Invoicing) and enter your business office and/or invoicing address. Click on the highlighted Add Address to enter additional Addresses. Click the Save button to save your changes. The Invoicing address will display on the header for all of your Invoices. Use the same process to add and remove Phone Numbers for your Account.
  • Logo - Upload your company logo and click the Save button so your logo displays on invoices to Athletes.

Invoice Preferences

You can set the Default Currency for your Account and customize our standard Invoice Email Templates to improve communication and meet your specific business needs.

  • Payment Settings - allows you to set the Default Currency for your account. This field defaults to USD (United States Dollar - $). To change the Default Currency Code for your Account, click the drop-down menu, select the currency code to set as default, and click the Save button to save your changes. The Default Currency will display everywhere currency displays in AthleteOne - invoices, invoice emails, expenses, and reports.
  • Email Templates - AthleteOne provides standard Invoice Email Templates for each account by default. You can customize each of the standard templates to meet your specific business needs. Our Using Invoice Email Templates article has all the details. 

See also: Using Multiple Currencies, Using Invoice Email Templates, Field Variables for Email Templates


AthleteOne allows you to connect with other applications to help simplify and improve the way you manage your athletes and your business.
  • Bank Accounts - Connect your Bank Account(s) to AthleteOne to automatically download expenses. See our article on Managing Your Business Expenses for setup instructions.
  • PayPal - AthleteOne integrates with PayPal® so you can receive automated payments from your Athletes - How to Set Up PayPal 
  • Strava - The integration with Strava allows you view Strava activities/details on an  Athlete's Workouts calendar in AthleteOne. Check out our article for setup steps and more details about the Strava integration - How to Use Strava with AthleteOne.
  • Stripe - Stripe will allow you to accept Credit/Debit cards as payment for your coaching services.  - How to Set Up Stripe 
  • Today's Plan - The integration with Today's Plan allows you to import athletes and view their workouts/summary on the Athlete's Workouts calendar in AthleteOne. Check out our article for setup steps and more details about the Today's Plan integration - How to use Today's Plan with AthleteOne.  

Email Preferences

  • Settings - enter the email address for your AthleteOne account. This email address is used as the "send" address for emails and invoices sent to athletes and coaches on your behalf. 
  • Signature - create an email signature to be used on all outgoing emails from AthleteOne send on your behalf.
  • Notifications - set and configure to determine which Notifications are sent or received. See our Notifications article for more information on setup.
  • Templates - create custom Emails Templates to save time when sending emails to your Contacts for things like Welcome Email, Survey, Questionnaire, Newsletter and more. See setup details in our Using Email Templates article.

See also:  Sending Email, Emailing Contacts

Web Forms

The Web Forms tab lets you setup available web forms in AthleteOne.
  • The Lead web form can be used to replace the "Contact Us" form on your website, Facebook page, etc. This form is linked to Leads in AthleteOne to help simplify and automate the collection of leads. See our Using the Lead Web Form for setup information and additional details.


Invite Coaches or other additional users and manage their access to your AthleteOne Account. Use this tab to invite or remove users from your Account and manage user permissions.

  • Users - displays a list of the current users of your account and the ability to delete a user and manage user permissions with the Menu icon (). 
  • Invitations - allows you to send an invitation to another AthleteOne user to access your account.
Please see the following articles for additional details about setup and management of additional users on your account: Invite Users to Your Account, Manage User Permissions, Manage Users in Your Account.

** Note - your specific Subscription Plan will determine the number of Coaches (i.e., users) you can add to your account.


Manage your AthleteOne subscription Plan, view Billing History and setup and manage your Payment Method.

  • Plan - displays your current subscription plan, the status of that plan, and the expiration date; provides the ability to cancel your current plan or change your subscription to another plan.
  • Billing History - displays a list of all billing transactions for your account and access to a PDF file for each transaction.
  • Payment Method - allows you to enter and update the method of payment (ex., credit card) you're using for your account.

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