How to Use Invoice Items

Using Invoice Items in AthleteOne will help you save time, improve the accuracy of invoices, and provide a more consistent way to track income on Reports.

Create Invoice Items

  1. Navigate to New on the top menu bar of any page and click Invoice Item.
  2. In the New Invoice Item dialog, enter the Name, Description and Unit Cost of the Invoice Item you want to create. (e.g., Basic Training Plan, Custom Training Plan, Cycling Jersey, etc.)
  3.  Click the Save button.

View and Edit Invoice Items

  1. Navigate to the Finances on the top menu bar of any page and click Invoice Items to view a list of the Invoice Items you have created.
  2. To edit an Invoice Item, click on the Menu icon (≡) then click Edit.
  3. In the Edit Invoice Item dialog, make you change and click the Save button.

Use Invoice Items

Invoice Items that you've created will display in the Item drop-down menu when creating a new Invoice or new Recurring Invoice. Selecting an existing invoice item from the drop-down menu will automatically populate the Item Name, Detail Description and Cost fields.

Invoice Items on Reports

You can view how well the services and products you sell are performing with Reports that display Invoice Items in AthleteOne. Just click on Reports on the top menu bar of any page.
  • Income Reports tab > Income By Coach Detail report - displays the income for each coach by individual invoice and show the Invoice Item that was sold in the Item field.
  • Invoice Reports tab - Items Sold report - displays the total items sold for a specific time frame by Invoice Item name.

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