Using the Lead Web Form

The Lead Web Form is a form that can be embedded on your website and/or Facebook page and is intended to replace the 'Contact Us' form on those sites. The form is linked to Leads in AthleteOne to help automate the Lead collection process. When the form is submitted, a new Lead is created in AthleteOne and an email is sent to the Notification Email address. If the Lead already exists in AthleteOne, only the email is sent.

Lead Web Form Fields and Settings

The Lead Web Form is built with configurable fields and settings that allow you to control how it displays and functions on your sites. Review the following list and descriptions to better understand how each field and setting functions in the Form.
  • Allowed Website. Enter a single website name or an * if you will use the form on multiple sites. This field is initially defaulted to an *.
  • Notification Email. The email address that is used to notify you that a New Contact Web Form has been Submitted. This field is initially defaulted with the email address that you've entered on the Email Preferences Tab on My Account.
  • Return Text. The text message returned to the user after the Form is submitted. HTML may be used to customize your Return Text message. This field is initially defaulted with the Return Text message:  "Thank you for your message! We will contact you shortly".
  • Return URL. The web page to send the user to after the Form is submitted
  • Use Captcha.  Include a Captcha on the Form to verify the Form submitted is from a human. The initial default for this field is "yes".
  • Link. A link to the Form which can be shared with a person or placed on a website or in an email. This link can not be changed.
  • Embed HTML Code. The HTML code to place on your website(s) or Facebook page. This HTML code is initially defaulted for you to provide an easy-to-use Form. You may edit the HTML code or replace it with your own to meet your specific needs for the Form.

Edit the Lead Web Form

The Lead Web Form is configured with default values from your Account to make setup easier. But you'll want check these values and configure the Lead Web Form to meet your specific needs before using it on your site(s). 
  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of any page and select My Account.
  2. The My Account page will open to display the first tab, Account Detail.
  3. Click the Web Forms tab to access the Lead Web Form page.
  4. Click the Edit button to access the Edit Lead Web Form page.
  5. The initial values and settings are defaulted for you to make setup easier.
  6. Check each field to ensure the value/setting is correct for the way you want to use the Lead Web Form.
  7. To change a value, simply click in the field and make your change.
  8. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Add the Lead Web Form to a Website

  1. Create or find your 'Contact Us' page on your website.
  2. Visit the AthleteOne My Account -> Web Forms page.
  3. Copy all of the content in the Embed HTML Code field to your web page.  
  4. Save your web page.

Add the Lead Web Form to a Facebook Page

To add a Lead Web Form to your Facebook page, you will need to create a Facebook Tab to your Page. The tabs are under your Cover Page, and include Timeline, About and Photos.  
  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Add the HTML app to your Facebook page. You must do this from your personal page and not your business page. In Facebook search for the app 'Static HTML: iframe tabs'
  3. Select the App, not App Page.  
  4. Click "Add Static HTML to a Page'.  If you have multiple pages, you will be asked to select a page to add the page to. Click 'Add to Tab'
  5. Click 'Setup a Tab'
  6. Add your HTML and paste the HTML Embed Code from the AthleteOne Lead Web Forms page. 
  7. Change the default name of the Tab. Click Actions -> Edit Name
  8. Save and Publish your new Tab.
  9. To view and/or Manage your tabs go to your Facebook page. Click More under the Cover Photo. You can add the tab and change the order of the tabs by dragging them into place.

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