Using Email Templates

Use Email Templates as a powerful time-saving tool when sending messages to your Contacts. Personalize your templates by inserting Field Variables to include Contact and Account information. Create and save Email Templates to be used at a later time.  

Common applications for Email Templates include:
  • A welcome email to new athletes
  • A questionnaire or survey to athletes
  • A response to a new Contact asking about your services
  • Weekly group run/ride/swim details
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Upload Workout reminders
Follow the instructions below to create an Email Template:
  1. In AthleteOne, navigate to My Account > Email Preferences > Templates.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Add a Template Name (e.g., Athlete Welcome Email).
  4. Add a Subject line (e.g., Welcome to AthleteOne).
  5. Enter the Body of your email. Use the Insert Field Variable drop-down menu to personalize your email by including Contact and Account information. Use the formatting options at the top of the editing window to modify the text, insert links, insert images, etc.
  6. Click the Save button to save your Email Template for future use.
Note:  Once an Email Template is created, you can select it when sending Email to one or more Contacts from the Contacts page or while viewing an individual Athlete or Lead.

Using Field Variables

The Insert Field Variable drop-down menu will allow you to insert AthleteOne fields from your Account and Contacts into the Email Template. Field Variables need to be surrounded by {{}} to let the template editor know to look for the variables. To use a variable, place the cursor in the text area where you would like to insert the variable and select the Field Variable from the drop-down menu. To type the variable in manually, use this example: {{contact.full_name}}.  See Field Variables for Email Templates for a complete list of variables and filters you can use. 

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